Big First Grade Workbook

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Big First Grade Workbook Details:

  • Product# 06317
  • ISBN-13: 9780887431470
  • Contents: 320 pages
  • Size: 7.75" x 10.875"
  • Ages 6-7
  • Publisher: School Zone Publishing

Build the skills for first grade success! This powerful 320-page workbook is divided into sections covering Phonics, Reading Skills & Parts of Speech; Math Basics; Time, Money & Fractions; and Story Problems. The easy-to-follow lessons guide you and your child through a first-grade curriculum. Basic skills are color coded and noted at the bottom of each page to help you track what your child is learning and working on. With all the great fun packed into this workbook, can great learning be far behind? Get the School Zone Workbook Advantage™today and find out!

Fun Features & Big Benefits
• Golden Scholar Club redemption code
• Easy-to-follow activities on every page
• Lively, colorful illustrations bring the activities to life
• Skill focus listed at bottom corner of each page
• Parent Guide, Table of Contents, Answer Key, and Activity Ideas
• Perforated pages great for individual worksheets
• Award page for a job well done
• Economical learning! 

Skills: beginning phonics; basic math; classifying and ordering; beginning grammar; parts of speech; evaluating information; counting and comparing; place value; money value; understanding fractions; solving story problems; main idea; drawing conclusions; identifying genre; making inferences; reading comprehension; manuscript writing

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Submitted by: Parent

My children love School Zone workbooks. The colors are vibrant and help keep their attention. After spending 45 minutes working on this workbook I lost the battle to move on to the trampoline, my son was having too much fun already!

Submitted by: Parent

My 6 year old worked on this workbook over the summer. It was 302 pages of worksheets so I thought it might be overwhelming for him but he loved every minute of it. He just finished 3 days before the start of his first grade year. He is feeling confident and ready to start first grade! He' s excited to get the second grade book started!

Submitted by: Parent

I recommend this to any family with age appropriate children. The pages are appealing to a child’s interest and you may be surprised at how easy it is to get them to complete the pages. It is affordably priced at $12.99 and contains 320 pages! (Can you print 320 color worksheets off of your computer for that price?)

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Submitted by: Anonymous

Having purchased the PreK and Kindergarten BIG books, I knew that this book would be a good fit for our homeschooling. We've used past books for extra practice, as well as, independent work. However I was astounded when I took a deep look at it. It has wonderful material outside of the normal math and simple reading, getting into plenty of comprehension practice, cause and effect and even a section on maps for social studies.

Submitted by: Anonymous

The best book ever, so much variation, really nice creative colorful pictures. great quality my daughter is 5 years old and she just loves it, she does like 2- 3 different pages back and front every day with just a little help.

Submitted by: Anonymous

my almost 5 year old enjoys every page of this book. Nothing is boring about this book. Very good quolity paper and prints. Very fun activities that boost his confidence in his learning skills!
I dont know what they teach in 1st grade but i would really sugest this to end of the year Kindergarten level. My son finished Kindergarden level and i got this book for easy summer time practicing/reviewing his skills. This book is right at his level now even though he never been to 1st grade yet. It will take him a month to finish this book. I would place this book as advanced Kindergarten level or Very easy 1st grade.

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