Cursive Writing 3-4 Workbook

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Cursive Writing 3-4 Workbook Details:

  • Product# 02002
  • ISBN-13: 9780938256021
  • Contents: 32 pages
  • Size: 8.5" x 11"
  • Ages 7-9
  • Publisher: School Zone Publishing

Help them learn swirls-and-curls writing! In this workbook from the I Know It! Series, your third or fourth grader learns cursive handwriting. Sure, children learn keyboarding skills early these days, but research suggests that handwriting continues to help with learning shapes and letters, expressing ideas, and boosting fine motor skills. Help your child develop neat, legible distinctive “connected writing” while also working on reading prep skills. With this workbook, third grade and fourth grade kids practice writing while also reinforcing earlier sound/letter recognition skills.

Fun Features & Big Benefits
• Golden Scholar Club redemption code
• 32 pages of writing examples and exercises
• Parent Guide on inside front cover
• Whimsical, full-color illustrations
• Activities to Share on inside back cover
• Part of sequential workbook series

Skills: letter recognition: writing letters; cursive writing; fine motor skills.

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