School Zone Publishing Company’s Mobile App Privacy Policy

We take your child’s privacy seriously. Therefore, we will not collect any personal information through this app and this app will not transmit any personal information to us.

We will collect information that mobile devices routinely share with apps, such as the date and time of use, the Internet Protocol (“IP”) address(es) associated with the mobile device, the features of this app that your child uses, and the type of mobile device that is being used to run the app (collectively “Non-Personal Information”). This Non-Personal Information may be aggregated with the Non-Personal Information that we collect from other app users, but we do not, and will not, associate this Non-Personal Information with any personal information, and we will not use this Non-Personal Information to attempt to identify any individual user.

We may use the aggregate information to understand generally the app’s users and their preferences, and to improve our app.

We may compile and send the IP addresses that we collect from the app to a third-party service provider, such as Google Analytics, to help us gather general demographic and other statistical information. Before we do, we will remove the last byte of the IP address, ensuring that the third-party service provider cannot obtain any personal information using the IP address we disclose to it.

This app may contain an internal link to a social media site. We cannot control what information may be shared by your child in the event they connect to a social media site using this app.

For additional information regarding our privacy practices, please see the School Zone Publishing Company’s privacy policy (