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My First Movies Animal Antics (iOS App)

9974 - My First Movies Animal Antics (iOS App)My First Movies Animal Antics (iOS App)My First Movies Animal Antics (iOS App)My First Movies Animal Antics (iOS App)My First Movies Animal Antics (iOS App)

My First Movies Animal Antics (iOS App)

Turn the wiggles into giggles for little learners. My First Movies: Animal Antics is a great, yet simple, first application for toddlers and preschoolers. Each of the three kid-friendly movies lasts approximately 2–3 minutes, which is perfect for this age group’s shorter attention span.

In the car, at the store—wherever you are becomes a learning and entertainment adventure. Videos, in general, can present extensive amounts of information in a short time. Research indicates that very young children learn best from video programs that are composed of a number of short segments, each approaching the same subject from a slightly different viewpoint, with liberal use of rhyme and humor. My First Movies uses images, music, color, motion, and a variety of techniques to capture a child’s attention and interest—over and over again.

Animal Rap - “I’m a pig with a turned-up nose/Who slops in mud without his clothes,” sings a cute piggy puppet in this delightful rapping puppet movie about animal characteristics.

Magical Animals - Through clay animation, a funny magician performs magic with a simple ball of clay. Children will be captivated as they watch a ball of clay transform from one animal shape into another.

Animal Crackers - As a child sings a whimsical song about her animal crackers, she realizes that the animated animal crackers she sees have some parts missing. Once she figures out which parts are missing, the parts are magically found and reattached to the animal crackers.

• 3 short movies with an educational spin
• An original music score
• Puppetry and clay animation
• Kid-friendly buttons
• A simple-to-use interface

Skills: focus; eye-hand coordination; rhyming; animal naming/identification

(U.S. English language & math conventions)

My First Movies Animal Antics (iOS App) Details

  • Product# 9974
  • Ages 2+
  • Brand: School Zone
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