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Spelling 1-2 (iPad App)

Spelling 1-2 (iPad App)Spelling 1-2 (iPad App) makes learning to spell a game for children 6-8.Spelling 1-2 (iPad App) makes word lists easy to display and study.See it, hear it, and spell it at the Sunken Ship Galley in Spelling 1-2 (iPad App).Spelling 1-2 (iPad App) provides lots of fun, timed practice in recognizing correct spelling.Unscramble the words at the Coral Reef in Spelling 1-2 (iPad App).

Spelling 1-2 (iPad App)

A G-R-E-A-T app to help good spellers become great spellers and struggling spellers succeed! This fantastic iPad app includes over 2,000 first and second grade level words, plus personal spelling lists that can be added while they play.

It sends children ages 6-8 on a magical journey under the sea where their spelling success will be rewarded with creative fun. With Spelling 1-2, kids get three games in one. In the Sunken Ship's Galley Game, they learn to spell by seeing the word, hearing it, and then typing it. Kids unscramble words by rearranging the letters in the Coral Reef Game. In Neptune's Cave Game, they need to choose the correct spelling from a number of misspelled versions. Each unique game helps sharpen spelling skills at every level. 
To make the game more fun and to motivate young spellers, each game offers cool collectables. As children successfully spell words, they release trapped fish and earn prizes. After a fish is released, it goes to live in the Tropical Lagoon. Children use the prizes they earn to decorate the lagoon, creating a special place for the fish to live. It’s a virtual aquarium!

Parents, say goodbye to last-minute cramming for the weekly school spelling tests. With Spelling 1-2 unique custom spelling words feature, once a special word list has been added, those words show up in each of the spelling games. Kids will relax and enjoy the fun of practicing their spelling words all week long.

U.S. English language conventions

Fun Features & Big Benefits

  • Accepts custom word lists (20 words at a time)
  • Three unique spelling games
  • Audio pronunciations for built-in words
  • Progress tracking
  • Progress reporting
  • Instant grading
  • Audio prompts and encouragement
  • Animated scenes
  • Playful music
  • Colorful graphics

Skills: word recognition; spelling patterns; letter sounds; long vowel sounds; short vowel sounds; combination sounds; silent letters

Spelling 1-2 (iPad App) Details

  • Product# 9519
  • Ages 6-8
  • Brand: School Zone
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My child is in first grade, and he likes this game. You are able to create your own list of words. This helps incorporate the game with his school work. However, I think this game is for younger children. He was hooked on this game when he was much younger.

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My review from : This app is best for kids that are already able to read and to help build their vocabulary and spelling words.My 4.5 year old does a great job with phonetic spelling, so I thought this app would be perfect to reinforce concepts she already knows and also expand her repertoire of sight words. This app is set in an underwater world, full of bright colors and interactive sea creatures. In each game, a list of words is presented to study, then a game is played to determine the correctly spelled word. Two to four words are generally presented with “bubbles” under the sea. Only one word is spelled correctly and your child must select the correctly spelled word. A timer is also running, so each answer must be selected before it runs out. It’s not a ticking sort of timer, but rather the bubbles gradually spread to each side and if they reach the far margins, time is up. With each correctly identified word, your child will receive a star or a fish, and with enough collected, will be rewarded a virtual prize. There is also a fun game set in a sunken ship where is word is first spelled and sounded out, then goes away and the child is asked to spell it out on their own immediately thereafter. Great spelling practice! A little advanced for my daughter at this point, there is also a word scramble game where your child must rearrange the presented letters to form a word. I like that this is a game that will grow with my daughters advancing spelling skills. Another great feature for school-aged children is the ability to add your own list of words, which will show up in the games! I love that a prize in any form is still a prize! Kids love virtual prizes and being able to build their own world or treasure chest with their collected “prizes”. Prizes are kept in the virtual lagoon and can be rearranged to create a custom space. I do like this app, but feel it is a bit overpriced for the limited variety, which is why I gave it 3 stars.