10 ways to make fall fabulous for kids

Fall is a beautiful season. In most parts of the country, temperatures are moderate, and days bring both sunshine and rain. School is well underway. The holiday crunch is still in the distance. Whether getting out or staying in, autumn delivers bushel baskets full of fun and learning. The change of seasons is a great time for reveling in sensory pleasures, sharing time, making treats, and reinforcing math, science and language skills—all at once!

1. Pick apples - Count them, weigh them, bite into them.
2. Buy (or make) a candy apple - Describe the tastes (sweet, salty) and textures (rough, crunchy, mushy).
3. Bake a pie - Measure out the ingredients to practice fractions, combine and cook to see “chemistry” at work.
4. Drink hot, spiced cider (or cold, regular cider) - Slurp it down with a pumpkin donut.
5. Collect leaves and pine cones - Name the trees they came from. Discuss plant life cycles. Make a centerpiece.
6. Watch geese flying south - Marvel at migration. Talk about sticking together, being part of a team, and following the leader,
7. Plant bulbs for next spring - Plant the idea too, that beautiful things often need time to take root and grow. It can happen even in the cold and dark.
8. Make a batch of chili – Chop, dice, pour, and measure. Breathe deeply. Savor.
9. Take a big pot of porch mums to an elderly neighbor – Teach unexpected kindness.
10. Jump in a pile of leaves – Roll around. Laugh. Roll around some more.

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