3 educational fall crafts for kids

Looking for educational activities for your kids this season? Check out these three educational fall crafts just for children. From autumn leaves, to apples, to skeletons, they will teach your kids about the fun of changing seasons and keep their minds active:

1. Leaf Hunt and Pictures (Ages 4-7)

Send the kids on a leaf hunt, telling them to gather different colors and shapes. Then, have them fold or tear the leaves in half along the stem. After taping the half-leaves flat on a piece of paper, the children can draw and color the second half of the leaf to complete the picture.

Doing this with a few different leaves can help them remember the different leaf shapes and types. If your children are old enough to write, help them learn the spelling of the trees that the leaves belong to.

2. Q-Tip Skeleton (Ages 6-12)

Children can make their own Q-Tip skeleton to learn about the human body – and get in the Halloween spirit. You’ll need a labeled chart of the human skeleton, Q-Tips, glue, a small picture of your child’s face, and black construction paper.

First, have your kids review the different bones of the body based on your skeleton print-out. Then they can layout and glue the Q-Tips on black paper to represent the skeleton, with their faces as the heads. Depending on how old they are, your children’s skeletons might be more or less detailed. When finished, help identify parts on the new skeleton.

3. Apple Stamping (Ages 3-6)

Apple stamping can teach kids about the shape and parts of an apple, while allowing them to have fun with art. Cut a few apples in half – from the stem for the true shape, or from the side to show the seeds’ star shape. Then poke a Popsicle stick in the side still covered in skin to serve as a handle.

Allow your children to dip the homemade stamps in green, red or yellow acrylic paint. Then they can stamp the apples on paper or cloth.