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3 Kid-Friendly Volunteer Activities

Looking for ways to get your kids in the Thanksgiving spirit this November? Show them that volunteering can be a great way to make friends and learn a few things – while having fun. Check out these kid-friendly volunteer opportunities:

1. Visit a nursing home: Many older adults love being around kids, and your children will enjoy the opportunity to play games and have story time with a few new friends. Contact a local elder care facility to learn about their visitation hours and policies.

2. Write letters to someone overseas: Whether it’s to a U.S. troop member through the Support Our Troops program, a pen-pal through the Amazing Kids! PenPals Program, or family working overseas, exchanging letters with people living in other countries can be a great learning experience for kids. Help them sharpen their letter-writing skills, and they’ll love connecting with someone’s overseas experiences. The recipient will be forever grateful for your children’s encouragement.

3. Pack activity boxes: Have your child pack his or her favorite games and activities in a decorated shoe box for a child in your local hospital. Some ideas include legos, crafts, learning activities, dolls, books, or anything else your child loves. If your child wants to help deliver the package, he or she could gain a new playmate, too.

Remember to explain the importance of Thanksgiving to your children, too. It’s not only an important part of U.S. history but also an opportunity to be joyful about the people and gifts in our lives.

Do you have ideas for volunteering activities? We'd love to hear them. Post comments and let us know what you think!