After-school enrichment activities for kids

Kids are learning so much at school, but their education doesn’t stop in the classroom. Giving kids after-school enrichment activities outside of the classroom is key to a well-rounded approach to education.

After-school enrichment activities are important to a child’s whole self because they can boost academic performance while keeping kids focused on productive activities. For more than a decade, multiple research studies have shown a connection between school success and after-school activities and programs. Enrichment activities promote creativity, growth, learning, socialization and positive behavior. They can also help a child further explore their interest in a particular subject. After-school programs and enrichment give kids a chance to take what they learned in the classroom, and put it to use in their everyday life, so it helps create a whole approach to their education.

School Zone’s Anywhere Teacher online learning program for kids age 2-8, gives parents support to supplement their children’s classroom instruction, which is beneficial to the child. The curriculum-based program helps parents supplement their children’s classroom instruction as it develops kids’ confidence by mastering “I Can” statements such as “I can be an active learning in non-fiction activities.” It has 2000+ activities to introduce and reinforce early readiness skills, as well as building a strong foundation in math, reading, creativity, critical thinking, and more. It even has activities for practicing social-emotional skills. Guided Learning Paths for preschool and kindergarten ensure that kid learn what they need to know, when they need to know it. right from the start.

Happy Camper Live also has a wide variety of programs and camps that can be used to enrich your kids’ after-school time. Check out our suggestions below.

Learn About Science

Kids love getting hands on with science. It might be harder for them to do that while attending school virtually, so grab some supplies and visit our Mad Science Camp to try one of these experiments.

For the balloon magic experiment, they’ll need a balloon and soda bottle. Your kids can watch Lucas inflate a balloon without blowing into it, and then try it themselves! Other Mad Science Camp experiments include the exploding sandwich bag and foam fountains.

With Eco Science Camp kids can learn to make magnetic slime, fluffy snow slime, handmade volcanoes, self-supporting bridges, and more!

MEL Science Camp is a great option for older kids. They can learn the nature viscosity and make a non-Newtonian fluid with their own hands, while also learning about soil liquefaction. Another video teaches about chemistry and pH.

Explore the Visual Arts

Photography and film studies are two great ways for kids to take their in-class skills like writing and art, and put them to use in another way. Photography and video are both mediums that encourage creativity and are genuinely fun.

After Photography Camp kids will get an introduction to photography with camp counselor Courtney. They’ll learn shadow magic, how to take good close-up pictures, trick pictures and how to use different perspectives to make a great photo.

Filmmaking Camp will teach kids how to use their equipment, how to add special effects and how to write a storyboard with concept, characters and conflict.

Here too, Anywhere Teacher, School Zone’s online learning program has songs and drawing activities, introduces little leaners to different kinds of writing (poems, fiction, and non-fiction), and lets them become “author-illustrators,” completing storylines and drawing pictures that are then compiled into a narrated book, using their words and pictures.

Learn an Instrument

Playing an instrument can help your kids practice their creative skills and math skills. Math and music are highly intertwined. While learning to read music, kids will learn to recognize patterns, divide and create fractions. They’ll also be building confidence when they feel the accomplishment of learning a song.

Happy Camper Live has a variety of music camps to choose from including: guitar camp, ukelele camp, violin camp, percussion camp and singing camp!

Providing extra activities after school can keep kids productively occupied, while also giving them opportunities to put the skills they learned in class to use in the real world. Let us know which after-school enrichment activities your kids liked the most!

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