Looking for activities for your kids this winter season? Check out these educational crafts that will help teach your child about the Arctic. From animals, to the Northern Lights, to the science behind snow, these activities will take your children on an exploration trip to the Arctic.

Printable Arctic Animals

While winter is still underway, send the kids on an animal adventure to the Arctic with these printable crafts. Have them choose an animal to learn about and print out the sheet. Each animal sheet comes with interesting facts, and the body parts of the animal are labeled.

Have your children color in the animal (with whatever colors they choose) and if they are old enough, cut and glue the pieces together. When they’re finished they have a new Arctic animal friend!

Print Arctic animal templates to get started. Fine them at the Learn Create Love website.

Explore the Northern Lights with Art

Introduce your child to the Northern Lights, and have them create their own! The lights can be seen from the Arctic Circle, and show an array of colors. Here’s what you need: black paper, paint, paintbrushes and a container to hold the paint and brush.

Show your children a photo or a video of the lights moving across the sky, and let them create their own displays. They can paint the night sky with vibrant colors and stars, and even include animals that live in the arctic.

Weather in a Glass

Use simple household items to teach your child about the weather. You’ll need shaving cream, a clear glass filled with water and food coloring.

Pour shaving cream on the top of the water, and it will act like a cloud. Have your child take food coloring, and explain that as the cloud gets heavier, it will rain or (if it’s cold enough) snow!