Celebrate Easter with fun crafts and delicious treats!

It’s a sweet and glorious time of year, so help kids make the most of it with clever, creative projects they can nibble, share or display.

  • Whip up beautiful, edible, marbled eggs with Cool-Whip + food coloring: check out this great “recipe” at the Tot School blog.
  • Make a delicate, realistic-looking paper Easter lily: this one involves a hot glue gun, scissors and florist’s wire, so it’s for older, supervised kids and also adults. For how-to’s go to LiaGriffith.com
  • Put those empty cardboard egg cartons to good use: the Mommy Blog Expert has compiled 10 great craft projects to make out of cardboard egg cartons once the eggs are all gone.
  • Wrap it up in puppets and bracelets: the Café Mom/The Stir blog offers up “8 Easy and Fun Easter Crafts for Kids.” Author Julie Ryan Evans says, “None require Martha Stewart superpowers either.” The line-up includes Pipe Cleaner Finger Puppets, Jelly Bean Bracelets and more!