Fight cabin fever with laughter and learning

It’s a tough winter in many parts of the U.S. With wind chills sub-zero in places that are usually cold and below-freezing temperatures where they generally are not, cabin fever can settle in fast. When schools are closed, and it’s far too fierce to venture out, make the best of indoor time with traditional and e-learning tools. Taking something ordinary and giving it a bit of a twist can challenge thinking.

With the I Like to Paint app Preschoolers and kindergartners an app to celebrate their creativity while they learn letters, shapes and numbers! They can choose a picture to “paint” from one of five image galleries: Mammals, Nature, Favorite Foods, Fun Characters, and Things That Go, each with 16 pictures. Pick a monster truck, a prancing pony, or bird’s nest. Then select Paint by Letters, Paint by Numbers, or Paint by Shapes. It’s easy! Just touch the color displaying a number, letter, or shape inside it, and then touch the image area with the matching symbol to paint it. Little artists can also choose the smiley face to just let their creativity go wild, using any colors they choose. Even then they hear the name pronounced for each color selected. That helps reinforce colors and distinguishes between light and dark shades.

For older kids, make learning multiplication a game. The multiplication edition of Math War Game Cards is a fun and competitive way to help third, fourth and fifth graders practice their basic multiplication facts. A child and a friend can play together, each flipping over cards and solving them. The player with the highest card value wins both cards.

Or turn a PC into a puzzle-making machine. Puzzle Play Hidden Pictures software is quick and easy to download. Kids can follow step-by-step audio guidance for making an original hidden picture puzzle for a friend or family member to play. With this dynamic feature, anyone can experience the thrill and challenge of game design. By choosing different background scenes and images to hide each time, the possibilities for new puzzles are endless.

Share your favorite ways to beat boredom when the wind howls and the snow flies!