Flash cards boost back-to-school catch-up

“Why did I have to keep learning this same thing over and over?” –Annie Dillard, an American Childhood

In a child’s life, four months can be a long, long time, and what gets learned, if not learned thoroughly, is easily forgotten in that timespan. Some school districts in the nation resume in early August, but with Labor Day behind us, a new school year is in full swing for everyone. As new lessons get underway, what’s been forgotten also becomes apparent fast.

Back in 2008, Ruth Peters, Ph.D., an NBC Today Show contributor, posted some research related to summer learning loss. She wrote, “On average, students lose approximately 2.6 months of grade level equivalency in mathematical computation skills during the summer months.” Peters also noted that “Research shows that teachers typically spend between 4-6 weeks reteaching material that students have forgotten over the summer.”

Flash cards provide a time-tested way to learn and reinforce math and language skills, while also improving retention and speed. They offer a great way to help kids gain speed after the summer slowdown. Plus, these days they pop up in many variations and are more fun than ever! The old saying about “practice, practice, practice” remains so true, and flash cards make practice easy.

For preschoolers and kindergartners, a Reading Flash Card 4-Pack that includes Phonics Made Easy, Sight Words, Word Families, and Picture Words will give reading readiness skills a great workout. That same age group will get super excited over three creative, interactive flash card sets: Bedtime Alphabet Night-Time Learning, Sticker Play Preschool, and Three-Letter Words Write-on Learning.

First and second graders can brush up on addition and subtraction skills, plus, play some games with the Math 1-2 Flash Card 4-Pack with Workbook that includes Sight Words, Addition 0-12, Subtraction 0-12, and Time & Money, as well as a Grades 1-2 Practice Workbook.

Third graders and fourth graders, as well as advanced second graders, can brush up on math skills with a Math 3-4 Flash Card 4-Pack with Workbook that contains Multiplication 0-12, Division 0-12, Animals of All Kinds, and Math War Multiplication, along with a Grades 3-4 Practice Workbook.

For an e-spin on these time-tested tools, try flash card apps for Android or iOS devices. With flash card apps for Alphabet, Numbers 123, Colors & Shapes, Telling Time, and Multiplication & Division, turn a boring wait or a quiet road trip into a focused catch-up opportunity.

With a range of flash cards and little bit (or a lot) of practice, kids will be back up to speed in no time at all.