Hatch great recipes and fun before and after Easter

Easter is almost here, still leaving a couple days to dye fabulous eggs and pull together clever treats. There’s that. But what about when the basket is empty, the “best” colored jelly beans are gone, and the ears are chomped off the chocolate bunny? For example, what to do with all those hard-boiled eggs you have refrigerated?

Turn them into deviled-egg chicks from Kids’ Recipe Blog! They describe the treats as “a recipe simple enough for a toddler to follow,” but a little parental supervision is always a good idea. Although these adorable little creations are great for Easter, they also are super for spring—and pretty much the whole year ‘round.

Easter Nest Cupcakes from Punch Bowl are among several Easter-themed recipes they suggest, “Can be made with a minimal amount of supervision.” Again, when dealing with all things kitchen, a helping hand and an extra pair of eyes are helpful. These charming nests use a “multi-opening (cake-frosting) tip to create a grass-like design on top of each cupcake.” This is another item that can easily be turned into a springtime recipe vs. just limited to Easter. What a great idea when it’s your child’s turn to bring a treat for the class?

Especially charming as an Easter dessert, but like so many icons of the season, this Easter Bunny Cake can hop right into a “spring-time critter theme” just as easily as “holiday.” Who wouldn’t want a rabbit on the table even for a birthday? With coconut “fur,” jelly bean nose and eyes, and black licorice whiskers, it will delight little ones and completely impress grown-up guests.

Kitchen time is super, but let’s face it, with warmer temperatures and sunnier days, kids are eager to get outside. When it’s still (or occasionally) too cold or dreary, let kids, from the snug-as-a-bug comfort of indoors, go on an outdoor adventure or two with Charlie & Company™. Now get seven episodes of in one great app! The first one—Hot Dog—is free. In it the entire crew visits a real-life fire station. Kids will fall in love with Charlie, Miss Ellie, and their animated animal friends. The other 6 videos can be purchased in-app per episode or as an entire season. Learning can happen anywhere, and each show features a different “school zone.” After the fire station, Charlie visits a farm, woods, gym, symphony auditorium, commercial kitchen and construction site. Come to a place where magic meets marvelous and every day is an adventure!

Either way you slice it, spring is her. Create a rabbit cake or go bounding into spring with a beloved Golden Retriever!