Inspire your child's learning with Bible-themed crafts and workbooks

Inspire your children to dream and learn big this year with new workbooks from School Zone. The new Inspired Learning Series helps your child master early learning skills using Bible stories and pictures. Below are a few craft ideas that you can use with these Bible workbooks for Sunday school activities or at-home learning.

Foam Noah’s Ark

Let your children create their own ark full of animals! You will need brown foam, scissors, glue and animal stickers for this craft. Cut a large half oval and a smaller rectangle out of the foam and glue them together to form the ark. Then have your child fill it using animal stickers. While putting together the ark, teach the story of Noah and the ark. Pair this foam creation with our Bible Printing Fun workbook that includes the story of Noah, but teaches letter and basic shape recognition.

Jonah and the Whale

Bring Bible stories to life and re-create the story of Jonah and the whale. Use a tent or drape a blue blanket over two chairs. Add large fake eyes, a tail, and fake water coming out of the blowhole. Meet up inside of the whale to read the story.

Easter Ornaments

Create Easter ornaments to celebrate the season. Here are two fun and simple techniques:

1. For the first activity you will need small balloons, liquid starch, scissors and colored string. Blow up the balloon to the desired size, and pour liquid starch into a container. Soak the colored string in the liquid starch so that it will stick to the balloon, and drape the string over the balloon in any pattern. When finished, roll the yarn-covered balloon in liquid starch and let it sit to dry overnight. When it’s dry pop the balloon, separate it from the string, and attach the finished egg to an ornament tree with string.

2. If you want a project that isn’t quite as messy for you and your child, use felt or foam to cut out Easter egg or cross shapes. Decorate them with foam or felt stickers, and use a hole punch to add ribbon to the top.

Share your Easter craft ideas!