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Interested in the Little Scholar tablet but have some questions?

We’re excited to announce that our new children’s educational tablet, Little Scholar®, is officially on sale! If you’re considering the tablet, or already bought it and have some questions, look for the answers in our FAQs below:

Why do you provide a tablet for children in preschool, kindergarten and first grade?
Children in this critical early learning phase develop rapidly. Today’s kids are highly-technologically adept, and School Zone has always strived to educate children in ways that are most effective and stimulating. This educational tablet provides the interaction, visual stimulation, motor skills, and mental challenges that are perfect for children at this age.

Can I use the tablet for my older children?
Little Scholar is designed to grow with children as they progress from ages 3 to 6. Ready to go right out of the box, it’s preloaded with activities specifically for the educational and entertainment needs of preschoolers, kindergarteners and first graders. However, older children—and the entire family—will enjoy playing several of the apps, including State of Confusion, which tests knowledge of U.S. geography and state facts, and some of the word and strategy puzzles that give vocabulary and memory skills a workout. The toe-tapping original music albums will also have mom and dad singing along with the kids. Plus, you can install additional apps from app stores.

How does this tablet’s technology compare to others?
Little Scholar runs on the Google Android 4.2.2 operating system. It features an 8-inch screen with a resolution of 1024 X 768 pixels, and a built-in mono speaker. There are 8 GB of storage on the device, and a compatible Micro SD card can provide up to 32 GB of storage. If you’re looking to connect any devices to the tablet, there is one micro USB 2.0 port, one Micro SD card slot, one headphone jack, one DC port, one Mini HDMI port, and it includes Bluetooth® 4.0 connectivity.

Children can use the tablet for an average of seven hours on one charge, running on the included Lithium battery. The device weighs 470 grams and has dimensions of 221 X 155 X 12 millimeters.

What is Charlie & Company™?
This new educational video series is exclusive to the Little Scholar tablet. It features live action and animation, and stars Charlie the Golden Retriever, his best friend Miss Ellie, and all of their adventures. Preview Charlie & Company to learn more.

How will I know my child is really learning?
Adults can access their children’s academic performance on the tablet through the A+ Reporting app, which tracks time spent on specific apps and completion progress. The device is also password-protected. This eliminates the need to watch your child’s every move on the tablet, and it allows you to set Wi-Fi access, download additional apps, and customize which of the pre-loaded activities are available to your child.

School Zone has been in the educational publishing industry for nearly 40 years. We are a leader in providing workbooks, flashcards and learning activities for preschoolers through sixth graders. Our use of tradition and modern learning techniques translates directly to the Little Scholar, so you know that you can trust our products.

Can I purchase apps from other companies and install and use them on this tablet?

If you have further questions about Little Scholar, feel free to comment or contact us