It’s time to celebrate mothers and motherly love

"A mother is a person who, seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie.'' – Tenneva Jordan   How simply and sweetly this quote sums up the sacrifices that quite naturally go hand-in-hand with motherhood. With the 101st official Mother’s Day just around the corner, give the moms in your life an extra big serving of appreciation and a little something made by hand to go with it.

After some years of campaigning for it the first official Mother’s Day celebration was held March 10, 1908. However, it was in 1914 when President Woodrow Wilson declared the second Sunday of May as an official holiday. Today Mother’s Day ranks only behind Christmas and Valentine’s Day in greeting card sales. While well-deserved, why not craft a one-of-kind card for the keepsake box? If YOU are the intended recipient, hand over the supervision “job” to your mate. Mother’s Day, of course, is also a time to help kids honor Grandma. The littlest ones may have a tough time understanding she is mommy or daddy’s mother. They only get that she is their grammy, all smiles and hugs.

Moms and grandmas are just part of the love line-up. To celebrate motherly love, etiquette maven Emily Post published “Mother's Day: Gifting Etiquette for Mom and Mom-like Figures in Your Life.” She suggests honoring those who have fulfilled a caring role in our lives, including among others, “The mother of your best friend from high school whose home and dinner table you spent countless nights at as a teenager. Let her know you remember how she made you feel like part of the family.” Post also urges recognizing other moms who are in our thoughts and on our hearts, such as, “The woman down the street who recently lost her son. Let her know that you’re thinking of her during what will be a very painful time.”

Use Mother’s Day to help teach kids to remember and reach out to the caring—and cared for—women in their lives. Visit Enchanted Learning for some charming, low-cost, big fun crafts and projects geared toward the Big Day. For example, do your kids scramble to find a useful gift that’s within their budget? Point them to this Chore Flower Bouquet Mother’s Day Card. Each flower in the bouquet lists a chore they will do for you (or whomever). Kids can also make a beautiful flower card using recycled paper that you paint on. While it’s great for Mother's Day, it can also work as a Spring, Get Well Soon, or Birthday Card. Another pretty, multi-purpose greeting is the Pop-up Flower Garden Card.

What mom or other family member doesn’t treasure for a lifetime those gifts that involve small handprints? Google “Mother’s Day gifts with handprints,” and dozens of clever and adorable ideas appear, ranging from colorful butterflies (the wings are handprints), to trees (with handprints as branches), classic cast prints, and flower “hands” fired/baked on to plates at those “paint a piece of pottery” franchise studios.

Some of the sweetest memories—for both moms and kids—are quiet moments just spent sharing time, smiles, and stories. This Mother’s Day scoop a little one onto your lap for special reading time. Kids will giggle at the outcomes of Bumble Bear’s hilarious but misguided honey-gathering adventures in the Bumble Bear Kindle eBook series. Or read from My Treasury of Princess Tales or My Treasury of Bedtime Tales. For a different, slightly more raucous bedtime adventure try a shadow-on-the-ceiling show with Bedtime Alphabet Night-Time Learning Interactive Flash Cards.

Celebrate Mother’s Day with handcrafted treasures and heart-filled moments to cherish!