Keep kids learning over the holiday break

Kids, just like adults, definitely need some down time over the holidays. However, free from grades and tests, it is also a great time to offer them playful learning options. Especially after the thrill and novelty of Christmas morning are past, having a few surprises left can be a terrific idea—for them and for you.

For example, with gorgeous, full-color illustrations Giant Science, for ages 7 to 9, is packed with fun-filled activities for second and third graders and simple directions for hours of learning. From the ocean floor to birds in flight this big workbook helps budding scientists extend their reach! Color-coded core sections include: weather, seeds and plants, insects and spiders, reptiles and amphibians, birds, ocean life, and mammals. Travel a maze to the eye of a hurricane. Study bugs up close or look inside a seed. Label the parts of a plant or identify mammals by their tracks. Simple experiments such as Condensation on a Can or Fantastic Cloud Maker teach kids the joy of hands-on discovery. Science also gets paired with creativity: “Suppose you have a restaurant just for spiders. What do you serve?” Next up? Decipher the Lizard Code. Along the way, find handy definitions, supplemental reading lists, and fun facts, such as how birds repair their ruffled feathers after a rough flight. So much fun, so much learning, at such a great price.

Whether taking a long car trip or looking for a fact-filled escape from the four walls of home, Travel the Great States Deluxe Edition Workbook is a ticket to big learning. It’s packed with crosswords, games, word searches, codes, and more that will motivate kids to explore the history and geography of the United States. It also has pages for Canada, Mexico, and Washington, D.C. Along the way, cities, highways and national parks are some of the highlighted features. How many letters does the Hawaiian alphabet have? Where were ice cream cones first served? Entertaining puzzles, intriguing facts, and map quizzes make quite a learning adventure.

Kids love the adventure of mazes, but as little ones navigate the twists and turns of mazes, play games, and solves puzzles, they are developing important skills and having fun at the same time. As kids navigate the twists and turns of mazes, play games, and solve puzzles, they will be developing important skills and having fun at the same time. With Big Mazes & More kindergarteners, first, second and third graders can leap from one activity to the next with friendly critter guides like Simon Seahorse, Riley Rabbit and Paula Pig. Eye-hand coordination sharpens; plus, these activities provide practice in solving problems and following directions. Chart a course or solve a mystery. The high-energy combination of games and exercises will definitely keep kids entertained.

Make the post-holiday pause a time for low-key, playful learning.