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Make Black Friday preschool-beautiful: Put little ones on an exciting new learning path

Traditionally the biggest deal-hunting day of the year, Black Friday can be chaotic. Some love the high-stim adrenaline, but if you are looking for a year-round bargain, loaded with learning, where for one price every child in the family has access, then check out Anywhere Teacher and its many features. No fuss. No lines!

The subscription-based online learning site for children ages 2-8 launched in 2016 but now offers a brand-new option: structured learning that guides little ones through the curriculum on a fun, pre-set adventure path that still enables free play for a self-directed learning experience. The preschool Adventure Path just went live, with the kindergarten path coming soon.

Anywhere Teacher’s content has been developed by School Zone’s design studio with the help of a teacher advisory team to assure it covers national core learning standards. All the activities are aligned to these standards, and parents see how these standards are met via easy to understand “I Can” statements. Kids get over 2,000 learning activities including educational videos, games, flash cards, books, songs, interactive worksheets, writables and printables covering the essential skills in math and reading; they also touch on many other subject areas such as social emotional skills, science, and creativity.

A joint position statement issued by the National Association for the Education of Young Children and the Fred Rogers Center for Early Learning and Children’s Media at Saint Vincent’s College, was adopted 7 years ago in 2012 as a guideline for those working with little ones. Though much has changed in technology world, it remains relevant.

The full position statement addresses many aspects of digital learning for kids up to age 8. Among them, crediting 2008 findings from the National Institute of Literacy, it says, “Young children need opportunities to develop the early ‘technology-handling’ skills associated with early digital literacy that are akin to the ‘book-handling’ skills associated with early literacy development.

It further notes that “Preschoolers have varying levels of ability to control technology and media, but with adult mediation they can demonstrate mastery of simple digital devices and are often seen using the tools as part of their pretend play.”

Because parental “mediation” of technology use is so important, as is parental interaction and participation in kids’ learning in general, Anywhere Teacher makes it easy. A password-protected parent section provides controls for customizing content and viewing data on kids’ progress. Parents will also receive periodic progress reports by email if their children play the guided learning paths. These reports will suggest printed materials they can purchase on to reinforce and supplement their child’s Anywhere Teacher skill practice, creating a total experience that provides non-digital, hands-on learning in areas such as writing and fine motor skills. Kids also receive a packet of print worksheets via traditional mail so they can practice fine motor skills such as folding paper, tearing paper, cutting with scissors, and gluing.

For maximum flexibility and ease of use Anywhere teacher has been programmed to run on any browser, giving kids access to the educational content wherever they are–anywhere, anytime–and can be used by multiple kids at the same time. An Anywhere Teacher subscription also offers convenient billing and cost options: monthly, bi-annual, or annual.

To maximize the season, outside the learning path are a number of holiday-themed play and learning activities. They include Holiday Shapes, Holiday Picture Words, Holiday Patterns, and Holiday Colors; several holiday-themed mazes, and puzzles; “12 Days of Charlie,” an adorable video that sharpens counting skills and creativity.

This Black Friday, buying a gift that all the little ones in your household can share and learn from–on multiple devices–means never leaving the comfort of your living room!