Our 2014 predictions: children’s digital learning

Change is constant in this digital age. It has had a dramatic impact on learning, especially for children born in the last decade. They quickly learn how to navigate smart phones, tablets, and computers.

In 2014, we know that your child will continue to be heavily influenced by digital learning. Whether at home or in the classroom, your child will be interacting with technology. Find out our predictions for the coming year:


According to Amy Friedlander of Digital Book World,“Certified educators are joining agile development teams and assessment modules are being built into app interfaces for teachers to seamlessly integrate specific activities with clear education outcomes...” This focus will continue into the new year, and we predict that it will be easy for parents to align these apps with their children’s in-class learning and at-home activities.

Little Scholar® is a trustworthy and advanced digital educational tool that plays like a game. It’s a tablet that offers preloaded educational apps for young learners to interact with. As a parent, you can set restrictions on apps and review your child’s progress. The apps on the Little Scholar work to boost math, reading, spelling and other essential skills using progressive challenges and playful creativity.

We recommend allowing your child to interact with a variety of apps to provide curriculum-oriented play and activities that allow them to explore their individual interests.

Digital Books

Our second prediction focuses on the growing importance of digital books. eReaders have been popular for the last few years and continue to dominate the market. Some publishers are completely committed to electronic publishing, meaning certain books aren’t even published in print anymore.

Many classic children’s books have already been converted to electronic formats, but we predict that new digital children’s books will be more innovative. Friedlander seems to agree, noting that digital publishers and authors will include more pictures, sounds and opportunities for exploration and interaction through the use of a touch screen.

Children can use the Little Scholar to read with our Start-to-Read! program. The program was developed by Dr. James Hoffman and offers young learners a three-level series of storybooks designed to build a solid literary foundation using creative characters and memorable themes.

Big changes are ahead! What are you predictions for children’s learning in 2014?