Hello My Friends,

My name is Abe, and I love the month of June!

The biggest reason I love June is because I am a K-5 STEM teacher, and June is a time for quiet reflection and restoration. And if there was ever a school year that called for a major dose of both of these practices, it would be this year.

Looking back over the 2020-2021 school year, two words come to mind: resilience and saturation.

Both educators and students were dealt a hand where pandemic policies and procedures changed the landscape and teaching within schools. These changes affected growth socially, emotionally, and academically; and yet this year teachers and students didn’t fold, especially the students. They took advantage of every opportunity to connect and learn.

I also feel that many teachers and students (and parents) are at a saturation point with technology… I don’t think I would miss having to say, “You’re muted,” ever again. To say our screen time increased this year is an understatement. I am looking forward to giving my eyes a rest. And although technology is a key component of my course work (the T in STEM), I believe kids also need to take a big break from the screen.

I believe this is the perfect summer to get outside, to play and explore and get dirty! To soak in the sun instead of YouTube. To play tag and hopscotch instead of video games. To be with family instead of Zoom.

I also know that you parents are concerned about the “Summer Slide” and you are looking for ways to keep the learning momentum going for your youngsters. As a teacher, I appreciate your dedication to not ending the learning process just because it is summer. And, as a contributor to School Zone, I would suggest many of the engaging new kits and workbooks. These products will offer both engaging learning experiences and fun; plus you can work on these in the yard or at the beach!

Below are some of my favorites!





Have a great summer!

Your friend,