Share the gift of love this Mother’s Day

A wise person once said, “A mother’s heart is a patchwork of love,” and Mother’s Day is the perfect time to show kids that mothering, probably more than anything else, means thinking of others. Show them how to honor the many mommies in their world.


My Pregnancy Baby offers a list of 15 Mother’s Day Gifts for the Mom-to-Be” that are centered around products and ideas to make life easier with baby on board. They include a Belly Belt that helps expectant moms be able to wear their non-maternity jeans, skirts, and pants a little longer; a Snoozer Full Body Pregnancy Pillow; a Leacho Snoogle Total Body Pillow; gift certificates for a prenatal massage; and Belly Buds that “allow the pregnant mom to play music and pre-recorded voices (of herself, dad, or any other family member) to the baby in the womb.”

Moms in Tough Places

A week ago the Seattle Times ran “No Gift Is too Small on Mother’s Day — for a Homeless Child.” Nichelle Hilton, division resources coordinator, for the Seattle YWCA, tries to recruit donors to provide gift bags for the 900 moms in the organization’s housing programs. The editorial board post says, “What she’s looking for are gift bags, saying, ‘you can make them as fancy as you want’ — with less than $20 worth of pampering items: soaps, chocolates, gift cards, candles, bubble bath, nail polish, lipstick.” Thea article adds that “Each bag must have one essential item — a 99-cent Mother’s Day card for the child to sign.” Caseworkers will distribute the bags to homeless children to give to their moms.

In response to the editorial post, a reader, Willie Dickerson, suggested gathering a group of friends to put together the gift bags. Now that we’re just a couple days out from Mother’s Day, you and yours could still find a way to remember a few moms at a local homeless or women’s shelter.

Moms of Moms

Yep, that generally means grandmothers, though little ones often have a tough time wrapping their minds around the idea that their mom has a mom — the woman they simply know as Grandma. Find printable Mother’s Day cards for grandmas from American Greetings. Or check out 18 Kids’ Projects for Grandma on Babble, courtesy of Disney. They include a handprint flower bouquet, teacup candle, and “long-distance hug,”

Kinda’ Like Moms

Most of us have had women in our lives who played—and possibly continue to play--maternal roles, whether a teacher who nurtured a talent or an older friend or neighbor who taught us a skill or shared some sage advice. If we’re honest, our kids probably have similarly important role models, too. No mom can be all and everything to kids. Mother’s Day is a super opportunity to thank and help our kids thank the wonderful women who guide and mother us.

Back to You

Mother’s Day definitely remains a day when you should get to treat yourself at least a little bit like the princess you are. Would the best gift of all be a little alone time or quiet time—maybe in a bathtub filled to the brim with frothing, sweet-smelling bubbles? Run that bath, light some tea candles, hand the kids over to your significant other, along with some printable free worksheets, and hang a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door!