Signed, sealed, and delivered, it’s (almost) Valentine’s Day!

Find last-minute Valentine’s fun and learning with wordplay, games, and more. For example, at least 135 other words are hidden in the phrase “Happy Valentine’s Day.” Can you and yours find them all?

Granted, a few are a little more obscure, but everyone in the family can work together to come up with most of them. Reward the person who comes up with the most words with some of those cute, little chalky heart candies with messages on them! Find the word list here. Can you add to it?

Once everyone is chomping at the bit (or candy hearts) to score word finds, keep kids building their vocabulary—and sharp-eye observation skills—with workbook activities. Word Search (Challenges), for ages 8 and up, is filled with interesting topics, amazing facts, and vivid illustrations that make working with words more fun. Take bugs, for example. Find 18 bug names in the word puzzle, then read the information box about bug body parts and label them on a drawing. Next up? Learn about firefly luminescence and get some good, gross-out trivia about the Goliath beetle that grows to four inches. And that’s just two pages! The easy-to-read descriptions will introduce fascinating animals, objects, and ideas.

With Word Search (People and Places) kids 8 and up learn and reinforce new words with word searches, critical thinking questions, and other activities. Handy reference maps will help strengthen world geography and map-reading skills. The easy-to-read descriptions introduce third or fourth graders to intriguing places, remarkable people, and fascinating animals.

If kids still have their hearts set on Valentine-themed, stay-busy stuff go to to find Valentine’s Day “games and activities, coloring pages, crafts, puzzles, party games, interactive games, poetry, printables, and stories for kids.”  Geared toward classrooms, most are just as doable at  home. Kids may even find something to share with a friend. Clicking the Friendship Poetry – Valentine Poems link brings up offerings that go well beyond “Roses are red, violets are blue,” to include “The Little Old Cupid,” by Walter de la Mare.

Spell out a Valentine’s message that says, “I love learning”!