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Six apps, two free activities for Halloween learning fun

‘Tis the season for ghouls and gremlins, glowing jack-o’-lanterns, creepy-crawlies, and things that go bump in the night. Fill it with teachable moments! Help the mummy find his way home in Halloween Mummy Maze. Unscramble words and match them to the correct pumpkin face, or find the missing costume hat in Halloween Fun. Pop them open, print them out! Or buy one of the charming, seasonal eBooks below for mobile devices, starting at 99 cents!

You Can’t Scare Me is an adorable Halloween board book re-created as an interactive eBook. Brave little Halloween superheroes will love to count along with the kid-friendly audio: “3 green goblins, you can’t scare me; 4 purple monsters, you can’t scare me! Find spooky surprises on every page as the counting fun continues. Grab the movable object in each scene, and change things up. Or tap the slimy pumpkin to pause and hear a joke. At the end is a sing-along video with lyrics appearing onscreen. “What are you scared of?” “What makes you run away when it jumps out?” It’s a creepy, giggly good time!

Pumpkins! Tall pumpkin, short pumpkin, slimy pumpkin. Slimy? Yes, and what a silly squishy, splatter sound it makes. Tap each unusual pumpkin and see what else happens. Ever watch a jack-o-lantern cry? Explore, imagine. Use the “stickers” at the top of the page to create a new look. It’s a howling good time.

Guess Who? is a colorful, interactive, read-along eBook. Preschoolers will gobble up learning as they practice colors, shapes and more. More than just hearing or reading a story, children will enjoy solving the fun riddle. With purple yarn hair and green circle button eyes, guess who it is. Tap each picture to hear the colors and see the color word highlighted. Use the cute stickers at the top of the page to decorate each scene with objects of the same color. The soundtrack adds toe-tapping, guitar-strumming fun!

Three eBooks from School Zone’s Start to Read! series offer up more seasonal fun and learning. Scarecrow’s Friends is an amusing Level 1 story about changing weather bringing in surprising visitors. The Magic Wand, also a Level 1 selection, is a fanciful tale of the timeless desire to change the world with one touch. Mouse and Owl, a Level 3 story for young readers with a bit of experience, tells how a mouse outsmarts an owl who wants to make dinner out of hi.

Read them, watch them, play them—again and again.