Sticker play gets kids stuck on learning, creates big fun

Watch a child’s eyes light up at the sight of a book or roll of stickers, and it’s easy to see that sparkle, delight, and learning can be found in the smallest of objects.

The Support for Step-Dads blog includes an enthusiastic post about kids’ love of stickers and the value of sticker play, suggesting, “One undeniable truth is that children simply find the bright colors and interactivity of stickers very appealing.” It adds that “we know kids like to be hands-on. Interactivity keeps their bodies and minds active and stickers give them an opportunity to explore the world around them…”

Stickers can offer far more than amusement. Sticker workbooks develop creativity, imagination, problem-solving, critical thinking, sensory perception, fine motor skills, and eye-hand coordination, as well as the ability to follow directions. For example, in Math Stickers Workbook, from the Stuck on Learning® series, the 400+ stickers become manipulatives, requiring a child to locate the correct sticker in order to solve the problems, creating an interactive learning experience. Children begin to recognize that each numeral has a unique name and shape, and each numerical symbol represents a number. This, along with counting objects, builds important early math skills. The 64 activity pages and 8 pages of stickers help teach and reinforce colors, numbers 0-12, counting, matching, and telling time. The activities also introduce concepts such as before, after, and between; more, same, and fewer; and greater than and less than. The skill focus is listed at the bottom of each page, and once kids are all done, a certificate of completion for proudly displaying on wall or fridge rewards their efforts.

In the Alphabet Stickers Workbook from the same series, preschoolers and kindergartners learn ABCs in steps. Trace Q. Then write Q. Then place the stickers that show the Q sound, like Quarter and Queen. This unique method of learning teaches skills like how to recognize and print letters, identify beginning sounds, match pictures to words, and review alphabetical order, which builds an important foundation for reading. There are also colorful award stickers that reward kids over and over for a job well done. And like the Math Stickers Workbook, it comes with a certificate of completion for a job well done.

A third workbook in the Stuck on Learning® series, Preschool Stickers, helps teach skills like how to count and add objects and money, interpret graphs, and identify beginning sounds, basic geometric shapes and patterns.

Rosenya Faith, writing for Demand Media, in a post on Modern Mom, notes that “Learning isn't just about what information your youngster is exposed to but how his brain interprets and organizes that information. When he can see, hear, touch and move all at the same time, your preschooler is stimulating multiple areas of his brain and encouraging retention much more effectively than when information is processed through a single pathway.”

Virtually all sticker play is multisensory, but the Stuck on Learning® series offers another format for it with Sticker Play Preschool Interactive Cards. Kids imagine, explore, and discover. Peek through the clever cut-out, and read the catchy rhyme. Both are clues to what’s inside! Because they are designed to stimulate multiple senses, with 24 interactive cards and 140 reusable stickers, they offer among the best ways to sustain attention and accommodate different learning styles. Kids strengthen their knowledge of numbers, colors, and shapes, as they also build vocabulary, reading readiness, creativity, imagination, problem-solving, critical thinking, sensory perception, following directions, fine motor skills, and eye-hand coordination.

Offer kids lessons in learning that are sure to stick, and watch their joy and creativity flourish!