Warmer weather? Spring ahead with fun, creative learning projects!

Excited for spring? Celebrate the official end of winter with exciting and fun outdoor activities that you can do with your child. From flowers, to warmer weather and celebrating Earth Day, these activities will keep minds active and teach kids the fun of changing seasons.

Spring Flower Science

We all know the phrase "April showers bring may flowers," so turn it into an educational activity! Go outside and have your child draw flowers similar to what they see. Then label each flower by petals, leaves, stem, and draw the roots underneath the ground. When the diagram is done, teach how photosynthesis works, soaking up water from the ground with roots and absorbing sunlight through leaves.

For another project, teach how plants grow by planting seeds in clear plastic cups or in plastic bags with wet paper towels. Incorporate this with a lesson on the life cycle of a plant for more engaged learning.

Weather Chart

Create a weather chart for your child to use every day as their own weather station. Get a printable model at Mr Printables or create your own. Include a range from rainy to sunny, temperatures from cold to hot, wind levels, and a space for your child to pick two words to describe the weather of the day.

Hone your child’s observational skills by describing the weather and marking changes with the seasons.

Earth Day

Earth Day is April 22, and is the perfect time to make a resolution to adopt a healthier habit for our planet. For this project, you need a paper plate, green and blue paint, black construction paper, glue, notebook paper and a pencil. Have your child use green and blue paint to create a model of the earth on the paper plate. When it’s dry, mount it on the black construction paper with the glue.

Next, using the notebook paper, have your child write down a promise to better the planet. Examples include planting a tree, not littering, or working to conserve water.

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