Wedge a little wordplay and make-believe into kids’ summer days

Summer is here, and the heat is on. Serve up some light and easy learning! Help kids develop their imagination and language skills, whether at the beach or simply chilling out in the backyard. Here are 5 quick, creative activities to get them thinking.

Sensing Summer – Invite your child to write a poem or a descriptive paragraph about summer using words that appeal to the senses. Suggest that the poem or paragraph should describe what he or she sees, hears, smells, tastes, and feels in the summer. Encourage your child to brainstorm a list of ideas and sensory words. Then encourage choosing words he or she likes best and using then to write the poem.

Summertime – Challenge your child to see how many words he or she can find in the word summertime. You may want to post a large sheet of paper on the refrigerator or on a wall and invite your child to keep an ongoing list for several weeks. Encourage using a dictionary to check the spelling of words.
Travel Make-Believe – Ask your child to imagine that he or she is a suitcase or backpack. Encourage writing a story about his or her adventures on a trip.
Write Now! – Splash! Tell your child: “You’re a coconut that has just fallen from a palm tree into the ocean. Take out a sheet of paper, and write what happens to you.”
Picnic Words – Plan a picnic, and ask your child to help you make a list of things you will need. After you have written the list, have him or her identify the words that are nouns (plates) and the words that are adjectives (big). Then invite your child to add one or more adjectives to describe each noun. For example: old blanket, cheese sandwiches, big, red apples, cold, sour lemonade.
Share your favorite on-the-fly summertime activities for kids!