Whip up sweet laughs and healthy fun, with a splash of learning mixed in

Want to bake a couple dozen root beer floats? Yep, you read that right. Try this easy, yummy-sounding recipe for Root Beer Float cupcakes, provided by Erika, a New Hampshire-based mother of four, who produces the Musings From a Stay at Home Mom blog. She states she made a few changes to a recipe she came across that brought back memories of a childhood fizzy favorite. Her blog contains a recipe section with a wide assortment of tasties.

How about strictly good-for-you food? Sure, kids will squish it, push it around, drop it, hide it or (loudly) protest it, but eat it? No waayyyy. For new ways to get little ones to gobble up their fruits, veggies and much more, check out the Fun Kid Food board belonging to artsyfartsymamma (Lindsay) on Pinterest. Find nearly 200 pins from dozens of clever, artistic parents sharing their imaginative creations!

Kitchen time can also be learning time. For example, make a snack that helps teach math! Measuring is a good way to practice fractions, so get kids measuring and mixing these ingredients for a tasty Rainbow Snack:
--1 cup of fruit-flavored puffed cereal
--1 cup of fruit-flavored cereal shaped like O's
--1/2 cup of sunflower seeds
--1/2 cup of peanuts or mixed nuts
--1/2 cup of raisins and other dried fruits
Put all of the ingredients into a small plastic bag. Give the bag a good shake. Your snack is ready for travel!

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