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Lily & Levi Charlie, Nestor, and AutumnCharlie, Nestor, and Autumn

At School Zone Publishing, we believe learning can happen anywhere. Every episode features Miss Ellie, our "ANYWHERE TEACHER," who will guide us through an adventure that's based inside of a "school zone."

Charlie and his cartoon friends explore fun places and solve the "puzzle it out" question of the day while learning about letters, numbers, crafts, fitness, music and more.

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The Little Scholar comes preloaded with a selection of charming Charlie & Company videos that take preschoolers on exciting learning adventures. More videos can be downloaded from the built in app store.

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Backstage — Meet the Cast


Charlie the Golden Retriever

My name is Charlie. I have lots of great friends. Miss Ellie is my best friend. I love running in the woods with her! I’m the youngest member of the company, so all my friends teach me things that they know. I’m always eager to learn and play. And I never turn down a treat!

Voiced by Bernie Diekevers
Bernie Diekevers
Miss Ellie (Danielle Augustine) & Charlie

Miss Ellie Danielle Augustine

I’m Miss Ellie, Charlie’s best friend. Charlie and I love solving puzzles together. And we love to go on learning adventures. Our motto is, “A school zone is anywhere you want it to be.” On our adventures, we work together with our friends from the Charlie & Company gang to “puzzle it out.” We learn about the alphabet, counting, creativity, reading, writing, math, you name it! No matter what subject we’re learning about, Charlie and I are like peas and carrots. We’re always together. And we’re always learning!

School Zone Singer - Brian Vander Ark

School Zone Singer Brian Vander Ark

I sing all of the crazy School Zone songs you hear on Charlie & Company! You might recognize me as the lead singer from a band called The Verve Pipe (funny name, I know). I’ve played on many famous stages, like Late Night with David Letterman and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. But the experience of playing on stage surrounded by giant puzzle pieces and the awesome creative team of Charlie & Company beats them all!


Autumn Red Squirrel

Hi, everybody! I’m Autumn. I love counting things, especially NUTS! I like to count them separately or put them in groups. I find plenty of nuts around, because I live in a house in the high branches of an oak tree. My two best friends in the world are Violet Ringtail and Charlie!

Voiced by Holly Franklin
Holly Franklin
Jahzara Komali

Jahzara Komali

I’m a fabulous tiger who lives in a hut I like to call my “Jungle Abode.” I love making words, wonderful words, and using new words to tell stories. Do you like to learn new words? I sure do! My full name is Jahzara Komali, but I let my friends call me “Jaz.” Sounds just like the musical genre “jazz,” which makes perfect sense because I am smooth and very spontaneous!

Voiced by Julianne Howe Bouwens
Julianne Howe Bouwens
Levi Cottonwood

Levi Cottonwood

I’m Levi Cottonwood and I’m Charlie’s beaver buddy! I love to build things. I’m especially good at math! I live in a nifty workshop along the river. My favorite episode was “A Fitness Tail” because some people called me “Mr. Muscle!”

Voiced by Joe Anderson
Joe Anderson
Lily Longlegs

Lily Longlegs

Hi hi hi! I’m Lily Longlegs, and I live in a log at the end of a lily pad-covered pond. I love to stay fit by doing all sorts of exercises, especially jogging! I could jog for hours and hours and never get tired. There are many ways to exercise though. You can run in place or join a race! You can reach for the sky, or pretend you can fly! If you couldn’t already tell, I like rhyming too!

Voiced by Amy Kaechele
Amy Kaechele
Nestor Fields

Nestor Fields

I live in an abode in the slender grasses of a meadow, at the threshold of the woods. If you can’t tell already, words are my specialty! I love learning new words, don’t you? I’m one of Charlie’s very good friends who loves to take him on word adventures!

Voiced by Keith Seccombe
Keith Seccombe


I live in a cave on the other side of Thinking Skill Hill. I get very excited about the alphabet and sounding out letters. Sometimes I look very silly when I start to build a word. You might find me in the woods one day and hear me say something like “P is for puh…puh…puh…Pig!” I’m also the biggest of all of Charlie’s friends!

Voiced by Michael Travis
Michael Travis


My name is Socrates! I live in a house that I call my “Tree Top Library.” Though I am very wise and smart, the most interesting thing about me is that I am nocturnal. That means I get to stay up ALL night! But I do have a bedtime. I rise for my day when most of you (and the sun) go to bed. Nighttime is when I do all of my studying. By the way, I am the oldest of all of Charlie’s friends.

Voiced by Tedrick Snider
Tedrick Snider
Violet Ringtail

Violet Ringtail

I live in a tree stump on Thinking Skill Hill. Can you guess my favorite type of flower? A violet of course! I’m very confident that I am the smartest raccoon that Charlie knows. I am especially great at using my brain! My best friend is that crazy, red-headed squirrel named Autumn!

Voiced by Malia Huffman
Malia Huffman