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Bilingual Alphabet Flash Cards

Bilingual Alphabet Flash Cards help teach ABCs in two languages.Bold illustrations on Bilingual Alphabet Flash Cards get children's attention.Bilingual Alphabet Flash Cards show uppercase and lowercase letters, pictures, and words.Little ones will develop multiple skills with Bilingual Alphabet Flash Cards.
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Bilingual Alphabet Flash Cards

Involve your child in the joy of learning the ABC’s with these flash cards in Spanish and English. Our Alphabet flash cards bring skills such as memory, listening, and movement into each fun-filled lesson. Children will get to know phonics and be able to connect letter sounds with objects in both Spanish and English: B is for boat (barca), for example. They will also learn that each letter is a symbol that can be memorized. Offer this colorful world of letters to your child today. These also make great learning tools for the ESL classroom.

Fun Features & Big Benefits

  • 54 cards with unique, colorful illustrations
  • Letters written in bold, block-style
  • All upper and lowercase letters included
  • Thick, glossy cardstock
  • Rounded corners for easy sorting
  • Parent/Game Card (one in Spanish, one in English) with usage tips and game ideas
  • Helpful tools at home or in the ESL classroom
  • Perfect for on-the-go learning

Skills: ESL; language immersion; alphabet; bilingual alphabet; Spanish-English alphabet; letters; letter-picture association; word-picture association; letter-object association

Bilingual Alphabet Flash Cards Details

  • Product# 04081
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-589-47981-4
  • Contents: 56 cards
  • Size: 3.375" x 6.375"
  • Ages 5+
  • Brand: School Zone
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