Stacking Monkeys

Try to get a high score in this fast-paced game of monkey business. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to stack the monkeys. Make sure to match them by color and position, hands to hands and feet to feet. Clicking the up arrow will rotate your monkey.
Ages 7 and Up
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Swamp Hop

Use your math skills to conquer this jungle game. Practice your skip counting or solve addition and subtraction equations to make your way across the treacherous swamp.
Ages 6 and Up
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Color & Play

It’s time for some creative learning fun! Car begins with the letter C. Paint the car using your favorite colors, and then choose a background. Next, start the engine and watch the car zoom.
Ages 6 and Up
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Coloring and Crafts

Crafts and coloring activities offer more than just fun to do entertainment. Although children are entertained with coloring and craft activities, there are other benefits that validate the child’s enjoyment. Many of the activities require problem solving abilities, eye-hand coordination, perceptual skills, and fine motor skills. Creative thinking is an additional benefit the child will experience while doing many of the coloring and craft activities. For instance, by using simple supplies found in the home, a child can use his or her imagination to make something that is an original and special piece of art.

Learning Activities

School Zone workbooks are designed to provide a variety of activities that explore curriculum requirements from preschool through grade six. Math workbooks follow the guidelines set forth in Principles and Standards for School Mathematics, published by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Meaningful skills practice is enhanced with challenging extras to enrich your child’s learning experience in the areas of math, language arts, science, and social studies. For some children, the activities will preview skills for the upcoming school year. For others, they will reinforce or review.

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