Key  Problem Types


Skip Counting 2, 4, Blank Skip Counting
Addition, Sums to 10 5 + 5 = 10 Addition, Sums to 10
Subtraction, Differences to 9 9 - 0 = 9 Subtraction, Differences to 9
Addition, Sums to 20 19 + 1 = 20 Addition, Sums to 20
Subtraction, Differences to 20 20 - 0 = 20 Subtraction, Differences to 20
Addition, Sums to 20 8 + Blank = 20 Addition, Sums to 20
Subtraction, Differences to 20 Blank - 5 = 20 Subtraction, Differences to 20


How to Play

Cross the swamp by correctly answering math problems. It will take a minimum of seven correct answers to cross the swamp. But be careful! Entering a wrong answer will cause the square you are trying to step on to sink. To begin, click on the square you want to move to. When you do, a math problem will appear in the lower left portion of the screen. Use the numbers in the green area at the bottom of the screen to answer the problem. When you find the answer, click on that number, drag it to the blank space in the problem, and click again to enter your answer. After every answer, click the green GO button on the log. If your answer is correct, the footprints will move to the selected square in the swamp. You can only move to a square that is parallel or perpendicular to the square you are on; you cannot move diagonally. If you don't know how to play, click on the question mark for help. Swamp Hop has seven levels of difficulty. The program will automatically advance through the levels as you progress. If you want to select a new level, click on the door with the picture of the key, click on the level you would like to try, and click on the door again to begin. Level 1 practices skip counting, level 2 practices addition with sums to 10, level 3 practices subtraction with differences to 9, and each subsequent level increases the difficulty using addition and subtraction with sums and differences to 20. When you make it to the bridge on the other side of the swamp, you have won the game.



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