International Dinners – Plan an International Night. Let your child help you plan the menu. Discuss the food and the culture that created it. You could try Mexican enchiladas, Chinese eggrolls, or Cajun jambalaya.

Learning about Our World – Provide your child with opportunities to learn about other people, customs, and countries of the world. Visit museums, attend cultural events, try new ethnic recipes, or visit websites or the library to select information and books on new topics. Talk with your child about these experiences, and look for opportunities to learn more.

Follow the Footprints! – Cut out colored footprints using blue, yellow, and red paper. Make a trail of footprints. Play music, and ask your child to walk only on the footprints. When the music stops, ask your child on which color he or she is standing.

Zookeepers – Give your child several plastic animals and blocks. Encourage your child to create a zoo by building fences with the blocks and counting the animals that go in each enclosure. After your child finishes the zoo, have him or her re-count the animals to make sure none of them “escaped.”

Rhyming Riddles – Make up riddles to challenge your child’s listening, thinking, and rhyming skills. Each riddle should tell the color of the object and a word that rhymes with it. For instance, “I’m thinking of something red. It rhymes with tall.” “It’s a ball!” could be your child’s answer.