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Looking for fun, unique, toddler stocking stuffers that will really excite your child this Christmas? I have some amazing ideas for you below!

We all know that toddlers can certainly be hard to please, whether it’s with dinner options, pajamas, or their fourth bedtime story. They always have to have the last say and yet, at times it seems like they’re still not satisfied!

Holidays are no different from the everyday run around.

I’m sure you’ve been racking your brain for months to try and come up with some exciting new toys, games, and gifts for your toddler this Christmas.

Making the season extra special for them is a top priority because this is one of the first times that you can really see the joy in their eyes during Christmas time. They’re finally understanding the concepts of presents, decorations, and even Santa so you really want to take advantage of this new found curiosity.

For toddler stocking stuffers, most parents will opt for functional and useful gifts or little Dollar store trinkets. However, there are a lot of unique and creative items to stick in there as well.

Here are my top choices of toddler stocking stuffers for 2020 that will surely put a smile on your little ones face and some extra sparkle in their hearts. I’ll be loading my children’s stockings up with some of these items shortly!

Educational Toddler Stocking Stuffers

Children start learning from a very young age, so why not get them started early? Take a look at these educational toddler stocking stuffers to get your child recognizing shapes, letters, and increasing their vocabulary.

Educational Flashcards – Give your toddlers and preschoolers some fun and learning with these flash cards. They consist of letters, picture words, colors, shapes, numbers 0-25; plus two sets of game cards: Go Fish Alphabet and Old Maid Numbers. Flash cards introduce essential skills for learning and development.


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