Ahead of the Curve: School Zone Joins Intel® AppUp Developer Program  

Leading Publisher of Educational Products One of the First to Launch
New Downloadable Apps from New Intel AppUp Center
GRAND HAVEN, MI. – September 14, 2010 –  School Zone, the world’s leader in children’s educational products, announces that it has joined the Intel® AppUp Developer Program and will now have a downloadable presence on Intel® Atom™ processor-powered devices. One of the most respected and high profile publishers in the industry, School Zone is among an exclusive selection of software developers to launch applications along with the new Intel AppUp center, which moves from beta to general release on September 14, 2010. School Zone will be one of the first to offer its signature learning games and innovative Pencil-Pal and Flash Action software available for download to Intel Atom processor-based netbooks which retail from $250.

School Zone’s Intel AppUp center collection is designed to aid children from preschool through third grade-levels in gaining fundamental math and reading skills through its award-winning interactive technology. These 15 downloadable applications are designed to modernize the traditional pencil-and-paper workbook curriculum, as well as excite and engage the minds of school-aged Intel consumers. With a platform rich with animation, sound and graphics, School Zone’s apps offer a multi-dimensional method of education.

“Through this new level of School Zone software, we will be able to provide any young mind utilizing a device powered by the Intel Atom processor with an enriched learning experience through the Intel AppUp center’s simple download process,” says Jonathan Hoffman, president and CEO.

School Zone’s 15 new Intel AppUp applications help children sharpen their skills with games, dot-to-dot puzzles, educational videos, drawing and coloring activities as well as jokes and riddles, all with animated characters, audio prompts, encouragement, colorful graphics and delightful music.

These robust applications have been created for the early learning developmental stages, ages 3-8. Rich with research-based content, the applications utilize educationally sound learning styles and techniques, cover more than one educational topic and offer depth in the skills they teach as well as in the activities.

The titles include:
- Time, Money & Fractions On-Track, $9.99
- Alphabet Express, $9.99
- Math 1-2, $ 9.99
- Spelling 1-2, $9.99
- Preschool Pencil-Pal Learning Game, $7.99
- Kindergarten Pencil-Pal Learning Game, $7.99
- First Grade Pencil-Pal Learning Game, $7.99
- Phonics Pencil-Pal Learning Game, $7.99
- Phonics Made Easy Flash Action, $4.99
- Addition & Subtraction Flash Action, $4.99
- Multiplication & Division Flash Action, $4.99
- Colors, Shapes and More Flash Action, $4.99
- Alphabet and Numbers Flash Action, $4.99
- Memory Match Game, $0.99
- Square Off Game, Free

For more information on all School Zone Publishing products please visit www.schoolzone.com. To schedule an interview with School Zone Publishing’s CEO, Jonathan Hoffman, please contact Kristina Godfrey of Junger-Godfrey PR at 949.720.7062 or Kristina@kjunger.com.

About School Zone
Based in Grand Haven, Michigan, School Zone Publishing Company is a leading publisher of educational materials for children, including workbooks, flash cards, software and downloadable apps for Mac and PC platforms. School Zone has more than 60 educational software titles, making it the world’s leader in educational software for children. School Zone also publishes 250 workbook and flashcard titles. For more information, visit www.schoolzone.com.