Award-Winning Debut: Pencil Pal Software Scores Two Prestigious EDDIE Awards

School Zone Interactive’s newest children’s software brand,
Pencil-Pal Software, wins two EDDIE awards in its first year of release

GRAND HAVEN, MI, August 22, 2002—School Zone Interactive’s new Pencil-Pal Software has been cited for recognition by a prestigious panel of 9 ComputED educators by receiving two Educational Software Review Awards (EDDIES). Beating hundreds of educational software products in two key age divisions, School Zone's Pencil-Pal Software won an Early Learning EDDIE Award for Pencil-Pal Preschool and an Early Elementary EDDIE Award for Pencil-Pal Kindergarten.

School Zone Interactive’s Pencil-Pal Software partners traditional pencil-and-paper workbook curriculum with the innovative graphics, delightful animated characters and fun-filled activities made possible through interactive technology. All Pencil-Pal Software includes a learning game, an art studio, a movie theater and dot-to-dot puzzles bundled with a 64-page paper workbook covering essential grade-based skills. The result is the perfect combination of solid educational content in a fun, exploratory environment created just for kids, all for a terrific price of $19.99.

“Parents will be very pleased with what our team has put together. I speak from experience, my daughter loves Pencil-Pal Preschool ” It has become a daily activity in our families busy routine,” says School Zone Interactive CEO Jonathan Hoffman.

ComputED is a non-profit educational resource associated with the San Diego Center for Educational Technology. ComputED teaches computer skills to both children and adults, plus provides software previews to millions of educators worldwide. The Best Educational Software Review Awards (EDDIEs) provide parents and teachers with a guide to the top titles for children and students.


School Zone Interactive’s newest brand, Pencil-Pal Software, combines fun-filled games with today’s high-tech learning. Always a leader in children’s educational products, School Zone’s Pencil-Pal Software partners pencil-and-paper workbook curriculum with interactive innovation to provide a unique, multi-faceted teaching method. This perfect combination provides solid educational content in a fun, exploratory environment created just for kids. Titles include Preschool, Kindergarten, First Grade and Phonics.


— Proven content is based on School Zone’s 20 years of educational experience.

— Combines state-of-the-art multimedia with traditional workbook practice.

— Each CD-ROM title includes a learning game, movies, dots-to-dots and an art studio.

— 64-page full-color workbook offers grade-based practice.

— Complete package provides a variety of teaching techniques to help every child learn.

— Terrific price point at $19.99.