Big First Grade Workbook — Big Time Fun

By Den School
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I have been very fortunate that Jackie loves to complete school work. For fun, she will grab a workbook and take off! She still uses the leftover pages from her PK and Kindergarten workbooks during her free time. Maybe it is because of her personality, or maybe it is because she is my first child to never attend public school, but she has a love for learning like no other in my home!

This year we have had the privilege of trying out School Zone’s BIG First Grade Workbook and Super Math Made Easy. Although I feel the design of Super Math Made Easy wasn’t for us, I do LOVE our BIG Workbook.

The beginning starts out with Alphabet Handwriting practice. I request that she complete one page daily as handwriting isn’t her strongest ability. After the alphabet pages are complete, they offer sheets on the days of the week and months of the year. I would prefer more handwriting opportunities be included, but I understand that this is mostly in there for a refresher.

Moving past handwriting, you will find a large selection of reading worksheets that touch upon words children will become familiar with first: names, places, days of the week, months of the year, colors, shapes, rhyming, compound words, weather, opposites, senses, etc. (The sentence reading activities in this book are a little advanced for my early reader to complete during her independent studies. We are skipping these pages until she is more confident.)

After the common words are concluded, the next selections are broken up by sounds but then repeated. Again, this is a reinforcement technique… touch upon, move on, add a skill, practice again. Although I understand the concept, I don’t work that way, so I pull all of the corresponding pages and do them together. This workbook is easier to pull from because I know it is going to be a specific order and then repeat.

The math selection of this book, to me, is better than that of the Math Made Easy. It could be because MME includes two grade levels in one book, but my daughter uses the math pages from this workbook more-so than she does from the other. She loves that they combine animals, puzzles, coloring, dot-to-dot, picture math, and tradition math sentences together. Often multiple approaches are included within one worksheet!
The back section of the book is that of most workbooks- touching on money, graphing, time, and calendaring.

Overall appearance:

The colors are pleasing to my child, playful, not boring. Animals are a particular interest to Jackie so she loves all of the adorable animal illustrations on each page. I like that they maintained a more appropriate sequence of the subjects. This makes preparing my Letters from Mommy packets much easier. I can easily turn to each section we will be working on that day and pull the appropriate pages. Often, she is able to complete both the front and back of the worksheet during the same day.


Inside of our workbook we found a redemption code for a free download. We received the Draw & Paint Volume 1. I can’t find same product on their site to show you what I received. I did find Draw & Paint Plus Softwareinformation. This is the same program with a few more buttons.


I recommend this to any family with age appropriate children. The pages are appealing to a child’s interest and you may be surprised at how easy it is to get them to complete the pages. It is affordably priced at $12.99 and contains 320 pages! (Can you print 320 color worksheets off of your computer for that price?)

Big First Grade Workbook — Big Time  Fun