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Review: Big Preschool Workbook

School Zone has been an integral part of children's education for years. Almost all of us have seen School Zone products pop up at one time or another. My family is a big fan of School Zone and their products. Hopefully you got a chance to read my review of their Bedtime Flash Cards that my daughter just loves. If not, you can check it out HERE.

I was just talking to my soon-to-be teacher sister-in-law the other day and School Zone products actually came up in our conversation. She mentioned how they make learning fun. She made a very good point which got me thinking about when I was in school.

When I think back to when I was in grade school, I only really remember the fun learning projects and tools that my teachers used in class. I remember being so excited when we got to color, draw or think outside of the box. Why is that?

I think it's because kids love to use their creative thinking skills. If you help make learning fun, kids are more likely to stay interested, and the material is more likely to stick. School Zone offers so many fun learning tools for kids of all ages.

We recently received a big preschool workbook from School Zone for my daughter. The book is recommended for ages 3-5 so my daughter is a little young for some of the activities right now, but she is still able to do some.

The big preschool workbook has 320 pages of readiness basics that your child can use to prepare for school. You will find pre-writing exercises, colors and shapes activities, pages of alphabet and phonics exercises and even numbers and early math.

I really like that the workbooks are all in color. What kid wants to work in a workbook that is filled with boring black and white pages? Colors on the pages just add to the fun of learning.

My daughter (17 months) is able to identify many animals, colors and objects in the work book. Even though she can't really hold a pencil and write yet, we are able to flip through the workbook and play games like "where is the balloon?" Or, can you say "purple?" My family will be enjoying our big preschool workbook for many years to come.

And, at only $12.99, we just might be gifting some workbooks, as well.

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