By: Alaina Kwan | KWWL

With a number of school districts moving online, parents may be worried about how their kids will learn. Managing Director of the online learning program, "Anywhere Teacher," said there are ways parents can keep their kids engaged, behind the screen.

"You have to look at your child's age and decide how much time before they get distracted or they're no longer engaged with whatever is going on," Peacock said.

Peacock told "KWWL" the best thing parents can at home is to tie in interactive learning and be involved in your kids' education.

She also recommends parents should:

  • break up 30-minute sections of screen time per day
  • maintain paper and pencil work
  • flashcards
  • digital games
  • provide fun workbooks

Teaching your kids may seem like a challenge, but Peacock said there are a variety of learning tools that can be found in your own home.

"Don't be afraid of trying different things. You can do cooking with your kids and they're going to learn math," Peacock said, "so do the measuring and there's lots of different ways to tie education into just your family routine."

She also told "KWWL" parents who reinforce teaching practices, like interactive learning, will boost your child's learning experience.

"I think that's what's important with kids, they need that interaction with people, so either with parents or with their siblings or grandparents if they're living in the home, it's a great time to tie this all together."

If parents need help finding materials, "Anywhere Teacher," provides a variety of tools, from textbooks to digital games.

To learn more about the program, click here.

Education specialist offers tips to keep your kids engaged during online learning

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