Frugal Mommy Christine Praises School Zone's Preschool Software

Blogger Praises School Zone's Preschool Software

By Frugal Mommy Christine
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My daughter, Laura, loves learning anything and everything she can, so every day we have "preschool playtime". We do crafts, explore outside, do workbook pages, flash cards, and practice basic skills using hands on methods. So naturally, I was excited to be given the opportunity to review the School Zone Preschool 2 Pack On-Track Software, which includes 2 programs- Thinking Skills and Same or Different.

When our software arrived, Laura was so excited that we put Thinking Skills in and got started right away. It was very simple to install and only took a minute or two, even on my slow computer. I registered my product and received a free gift for taking the time to do so! I won't spoil the surprise, but I will say that Laura liked it a lot.

After the download was complete, a screen came up with a main menu and instructions that are read out loud. After hearing the directions, she started playing right away, without needing any extra instruction from me.

The questions are presented in much the same way as those in the workbooks, with the added bonus of helping her develop basic computer skills. After finishing each activity, she received either a star for correct answers or a red check mark for wrong answers. She loved counting her stars on each page, and let out several excited "Woo Hoo!"s when she got all stars and no checkmarks!

Between the more structured educational pages there are cute little animations, or fun games to play. Kids can play the games for as long as they want before moving on to the next page. I thought this was a great idea, since it helps keep kids interested.

When your child has finished the program, they get a printable award. This was by far Laura's favorite part.

I love this product and would recommend it for anyone with a preschooler, whether you are planning to teach preschool at home or to supplement what your child has learned at preschool. This would also be a great product for preschool teachers to do with their students. It is amazing to me how well she did and it held her typically short attention span.

Check out their other products (for Pre-K- Grade 6), including their new kids learning tablet- the next thing I want to try from School Zone!

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Frugal Mommy Christine Praises School Zone's Preschool Software