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Get Ready Kindergarten A School Zone Learning Set Holiday Gift Guide Review | Miniature Masterminds

By Rebecca | Miniature Masterminds:

Do your kids like playing school as much as mine? One of our favorite games around here is school. Which is really odd because I am always trying to get them to do their school work and they complain but let them “play” school and they are all for it. I think my oldest just likes the idea of being in charge. She says one day she will be a teacher…or a marine biologist…or a chef…writer…possibly lawyer…and a one time a dentist who write kid’s books about teeth care. She is eleven and really hasn’t pin pointed one special career plan. Right now that career is set to teacher. She enjoyed this set just as much as my four year old.

I will say that you could use this with your child to help prepare them for kindergarten. It is a great well rounded set with educational activities that would be great to add to your preschool home classroom and not just pretend school.

I knew this set was going to be great because we use School Zone product all the time. In fact, I have several on the shelf that Lou uses in her preschool table time. This set did not disappoint. It has so many different activities for her to do and learn from as well as reward stickers to validate her accomplishments. The fact that her sister saw this as an opportunity to play school with her was only a bonus point. The two of them had so much fun playing and learning together!

The kit works on many different skill that will prepare the kids for kindergarten and beyond. It comes with several re usable activities such as this time telling activity. You can put a time on the clock with the included dry erase marker and then the child will have to tell the time or you can give them a time and they can write it on the clock.

There are two different workbooks included. One is a worksheet work book while the other is a write and reuse print practice book. I found the worksheet book to be fairly straight forward and easy to navigate for little minds. It also has several skills for them to practice and aimed at kids ages 4 to 6.

Also included are two different paper pads. The sheets for these pads come out easily for the child to be able to work on them. One is a coloring fun book with fun pages to color while the other is a sight word book to practice sight words. I think these books would be great to stick in my purse and take with use for her to do while we are out and about.

One of my favorite activities is the three letter word dry erase cards. There is a stack of them with fun bright coloring pictures and a place to write the words. On the back is more activities. I love these cards. They are reusable making them great for play school, home school, or just a quiet activity to keep her occupied while I’m cooking.

This really was a fun kit and it comes with everything you would need... even the pencil, eraser, and dry erase marker!

This holiday season look for the gift that gives them a head start.

Get Ready Kindergarten A School Zone Learning Set Holiday Gift Guide Review | Miniature Masterminds