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Review: Preschool Peek-a-Boo Pop-Up Interactive Flash Cards

With Princess P starting kindergarten next year, I am really trying to help her learn as much as she can at home before she starts school. We work on recognizing letters and shapes, practice writing her name and even throw a bit of history in there. But, without fun and creative learning tools, I’ve found that she tends to get bored and uninterested pretty quickly. That is why I am loving the new Peek-a-Boo Preschool Flash Cards from School Zone!

On the School Zone website, you will find thousands of learning materials for preschoolers through grade 6. From helpful workbooks to interactive software (many of which come with workbooks), School Zone offers many different products that help teach age-appropriate material. Reasonably priced and packed with fun, these products help your child build the confidence they need to reach their goals!

Recently, we were sent the Peek-a-Boo Preschool Flash Cards from School Zone to review. These colorful and interactive flash cards are designed to stimulate multiple senses and accommodate different learning styles. From the clever cut-out to the catchy rhyme (both are clues to what’s inside), your child will have fun (and learn, too!) with the Peek-a-Book Preschool Flash Cards from School Zone!

Princess P loves the colorfully designed pictures on the flash cards and she thinks the rhymes are fun, too. I love that she is having fun with these cards while learning her numbers, expanding her vocabulary and practicing thinking skills. With each card, we start out with the picture of the cut-out (shape or number) and talk about what it might be. Then, I read her the rhyme, (usually leaving out the number or animal) so she can guess it. Next, we open up the card and I read her the question. For example, “How many groups of 7 are there?” She then counts the groups of seven, and we open the hidden flap to see if she is right. On the back of the flash card, the number or color is listed and we typically do a little review with that.

Over the last several days, I have made it a point to bring out the Peek-a-Book Preschool Flash Cards to go over and she is really doing great with them. She knows all of her colors and numbers and we are working on the thinking skills questions. I often find P using these flash cards from School Zone on her own and it really makes me excited! I can’t wait to share these little gems with my friends who also have kids the same age as Princess P!

Give educational gifts from School Zone this holiday season! Be sure to browse the wide selection of products on the School Zone website to see what the best fit for you child is! Flash Cards make terrific stocking stuffers!

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Give Educational Gifts This Season