Handwriting Trains the Brain with School Zone’s 3rd Grade Workbooks

While technology may give the gifts of efficiency and accuracy to a child’s writing skills, researchers have discovered innumerable cognitive benefits associated with writing by hand.

In recent studies on the impact that handwriting has on brain activity, children underwent specialized MRI brain scans that spot neurological activity. These scans revealed that handwriting activates key areas in the brain that involve thinking, language and memory.

Letter Recognition

When your child has mastered letter recognition, he or she can then use this skill to learn letter sounds. A recent study by the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience indicated that specific movements memorized when learning how to write aided the visual identification of graphic shapes. Therefore, children who write letters master letter recognition much more quickly than children who simply look at letters

Idea Composition and Expression

Observers note that children who write essays by hand write more words and express more ideas than children who use a keyboard. This is because handwriting activates key areas in the brain that involve thinking, language and memory, enhancing a child’s ability to translate ideas into written words.

Fine Motor Skills Development

Handwriting and manipulating small objects requires the development of fine motor skills used lifelong for essential functional activities, such as tying a shoe, using scissors, and using a lock and key. One of the most beneficial educational tools you can provide your child to help train his or her brain is a high-quality handwriting workbook.

School Zone, the most experienced and trusted publisher of educational software, workbooks and flash cards for children, provides quality, fun and educational workbooks that help children practice handwriting. School Zone’s handwriting workbooks combine and enhance contemporary skills with traditional learning.

Manuscript Writing K-2 Deluxe Edition Workbook

Manuscript Writing K-2 Deluxe Edition Workbook guides the development of legible handwriting with instruction and practice exercises. Pages include the proper starting points for each letter stroke and whimsical illustrations that make learning fun. These valuable handwriting resources help refine your child’s ability to print letters and numbers, recognize letters, and develop eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills, and vocabulary building.

School Zone’s Grades 3-4 Cursive Writing Deluxe Workbook

One of the most popular workbooks in School Zone’s selection of 3rd grade workbooks is the Grades 3-4 Cursive Writing deluxe workbook. This workbook can help your child develop legible handwriting by providing clear instructions and numerous opportunities to practice.

Letters with common strokes are presented in categories and the amusing sentences make learning fun. Through this colorful 3rd grade workbook from School Zone, your child will further develop skills in letter recognition, develop essential vocabulary building skills and improve fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Other invaluable workbooks featuring handwriting resources from School Zone include: Tracing Trails Pre-Writing Skills Workbook, Super Deluxe Kindergarten Basics Workbook, Bilingual Manuscript Writing K-2 Deluxe Edition, Bilingual Cursive Writing 3-4 Deluxe Edition Workbook, Cursive Writing 3-4 Workbook, and many more.

The School Zone Advantage

Research has concluded that handwriting is more than just a way to communicate. It helps with letter recognition, improves idea composition and expression and aids fine motor skills development. Give your child the School Zone Advantage by helping him or her develop advanced cognitive learning with 3rd grade workbooks from School Zone, where technology meets traditional learning.

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Author: Heather Preston 10-18-10