iPads—the Most Innovative Way to Learn Math in the Classroom

A growing number of schools across the nation are embracing the iPad as the latest tool to teach core academic subjects, including math, with step-by-step animation of complex problems. The iPads are being used in class and at home during the school year to replace textbooks, allow students to correspond with teachers, turn in papers and homework assignments, and preserve a record of student work in digital portfolios.

The iPad software offers everything to be found in a textbook, plus animated examples, explanatory videos, interactivity, and instead of looking up related data at the back of a book, it is displayed at the bottom of the screen. When the instructor asks students to study something as homework, they are more likely to do it on the iPad because it's more fun.

Teachers and administrators say the iPad is not just a cool new toy but rather a powerful and versatile tool with a multitude of applications, including thousands with educational uses. Educators also laud the iPad’s physical attributes, including its large touch screen (about 9.7 inches) and flat design, which allows students to maintain eye contact with their teachers. And students like its light weight, a relief from the heavy books that weigh down their backpacks.

Apple sold more than 15 million iPads in the first nine months after its April 2010 debut. About 5,400 educational applications are available specifically for the iPad, of which nearly 1,000 can be downloaded free.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, a major textbook company, announced plans in 2010 to conduct a year-long study of eighth-grade students in several California school districts, to compare results between the publisher’s iPad algebra app and one of its traditional textbooks. The iPad version offers video of the author solving equations, and individualized assessments and practice problems.

Other leading publishers of educational software are also beginning to offer their curriculum via new e-media. School Zone, the leading publisher of children's educational products, has offered software since 1996 and has more than 60 educational titles to its credit. They recently launched three math apps for the iPad: On-Track Time, Money and Fractions; Flash Action Multiplication and Division; and Flash Action Addition and Subtraction.

“Children are about to experience a whole new way of learning,” says Jonathan Hoffman, president and CEO. “The iPad brings our educational software to an entirely different level, giving children the ability to manipulate digital material with the touch of a finger. This can transform difficult concepts—such as fractions, time or money—into a delightful opportunity to explore. Children will be mesmerized, and parents will love the results.”

School Zone Publishing Company is a leading provider of educational products for preschoolers through sixth graders. Since 1979, this family-run, Midwestern-based company has sold over 315 million educational software programs, workbooks, flash cards and games for children. Trusted by teachers and parents, School Zone leads the industry in quality content at affordable prices. For more information about educational materials for iPad and the wide selection of supplemental materials that School Zone offers, visit www.schoolzone.com.