Kids Have Fun Learning With School Zone Products

By Megan at Akron Ohio Moms Blog

My kids were so excited the day their School Zone workbooks came in the mail! They couldn’t wait to get their hands on them. We received School Zone Little Thinkers workbooks for Preschoolers and Kindergarteners, as well as School Zone Try-n-Spy books for kids ages 4-6.

School Zone Little Thinkers

School Zone Little Thinkers workbooks are made for preschoolers, kindergarteners and first graders. My girls are 3 and 5 and both of them loved these books! The books had easy to follow instructions for parents on how to best teach your kids, and the illustrations are so colorful and fun it is easy for kids to keep focused.

The preschool Little Thinkers book will teach your child counting up to 12, good eye-hand coordination, the sounds of letters, how to identify patterns, tracing and tons of other great skills!

The kindergarten Little Thinkers books focused more on words that rhyme, addition and subtraction, which order letters and numbers go in and more! My 5 year old is not yet in kindergarten, and this seems to be a great product to get her ready and to show her what to expect.

School Zone Try-n-Spy

The School Zone Try-n-Spy workbooks were a big hit in our house! These books are for ages 4-6, the main focus of these workbooks beside finding the hidden object in the picture, is to build reading skills in your children. For each page there is a rhyme with pictures to find. My kids loved figuring out which two words in the little poem were the rhyming words. This book is also something kids can do on their own, as there are pictures that correspond with the words.

More School Zone Products

School Zone has many other products for Preschoolers through Grade 6. Not only workbooks, but flashcards, apps, software, activity books and even a tablet! The School Zone Little Scholar Tablet looks awesome! It has over 150 preloaded apps, parental controls and even an app that provides report cards for parents to see their child’s progress. Beyond that, the Little Scholar Tablet also has the capability to download Android apps.

I was pleasantly surprised by the School Zone products that I have used and am excited to see what else they have to offer! They have competitive prices with other similar products on the market and offer not only academic workbooks, but also Biblical based workbooks in their Inspired Learning Series. This company makes your child’s educational development as their priority and it shows in their product.

Kids Have Fun Learning