Learn the Facts at FETC 2002 about School Zone
Interactive’s Flash Action Software

New and improved ever-popular Electronic Flash Cards
help students memorize facts in a flash! 
Florida Educational Technology Conference, Orlando, FL, March 6–8, 2002— Combining the very best elements of traditional flash cards with today’s innovative technology, School Zone Interactive’s award-winning Flash Action Software just got better. This recently enhanced software helps students memorize hard-to-learn facts in a flash! Flash Action Software is a top educational value for today’s high-tech students. 
Three of the most popular titles in the Flash Action series, Alphabet/Numbers 1-100, Addition/Subtraction and Multiplication/Division have been updated for even more educational functionality. The enhanced “built-in tracker” follows the student’s progress and adjusts the difficulty based on performance. A new feature in the math titles provides structured quizzes where students can test their math abilities. Plus, each title has being optimized for faster playback.
The Flash Action Software series has received many prestigious awards, including: Parents’ Choice Silver Award, Parents’ Choice Approval Award, National Parenting Publications Gold Award and the Education Software Review Award (EDDIE). 
“Children’s educational software must provide sound educational content in a kid-friendly environment to motivate learning. If it’s not fun, children won’t use it!” says Jonathan Hoffman, School Zone Interactive CEO. “The concept of traditional flash cards enhanced with today’s technology makes Flash Action software a fast-paced, fun learning tool to practice fundamental math facts.”
Flash Action Software titles feature colorful graphics with humorous animations and sound effects. In addition, these programs offer multiple levels of difficulty to keep pace with a student’s increasing skills and interactive charts for handy reference.
The Flash Action series includes Alphabet/Numbers 1-100, grades PreK-K; Addition/Subtraction, grades 1-2; Multiplication/Division, grades 3-4; and Old Maid and Go Fish, grades PreK-up.
— Based on 20 years of School Zone’s award-winning educational content. 
— Optimized for faster playback on all computers.
— Combines traditional flash cards with state-of-the-art computer technology.
— Teaches basic skills while providing a fun learning experience.
— Can be used independently or with another player. 
— Easy to use and understand. 
— Innovative new package design clarifies content for consumers.