Learning Resources for the Summer

By Babes and Kids Review
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It's summer vacation! My children have almost 3 months off before they have to go back. I look at the progress that they’ve both made over the course of the year and I definitely don’t want them to lose certain things that they’ve learned. I’ve actually been looking for different resources so that we can incorporate some learning a little bit each day. School Zone is a company that offers educational products from preschool up to 6th grade. They have everything from workbooks and flashcards to software you can use on your computer. The prices are affordable and after receiving some of the school zone products, I’m excited to invest in more as they are fun for my kids as well.

We received the Bedtime Alphabet Night-Time Learning, Interactive Flash Cards and the Big Mazes & More! Workbook. These are both pretty age appropriate as my boys are 5 and 7. The Big Mazes Workbook is perfect for my 7-year-old. He loves a challenge of a good maze and I like that it’s having him use his problem-solving skills. With 320 pages, this specific workbook includes mazes, games, math puzzles, color-by-number and more. It’s geared towards kids 6-8 years old and retails for $12.99.

The Bedtime Alphabet Night-Time Learning was a fun way to incorporate some learning before bed. The boys are excited about this set because it brings the elements of flash cards and seeing pictures and letters on the wall along with learning. The set comes with a flashlight, and 32 flash cards. You turn out the lights and shine the line through the flash card to see an image projected on the wall. 

They are also versatile in the fact that you can use them as stencils too, which is great for arts and crafts time. The Bedtime Alphabet Night-Time Learning, Interactive Flash Cards retail for $9.99.

Learning Resources for the Summer