By Krystle Wagner |  Grand Haven Tribune

After two years of development, the Grand Haven-based School Zone Publishing Company has released Little Scholar, a tablet preloaded with educational apps, music and four episodes of the original series “Charlie & Company” for children in preschool, kindergarten, and first grade.

On Thursday, hosts of CBS’s “The Talk” mentioned the 8-inch [device, which] allows children to explore math, science, geography, spelling and music. It has e-books available with varying reading skill levels.

The company created the tablet to have one device where children could safely access School Zone content in one area, said Barbara Peacock, managing director of School Zone Publishing.

She said they wanted a safe device that eased parents’ minds about what content their child accessed

The device doesn’t require a wireless Internet connection, but it has the capability in a password-protected setting.

“Can’t we make it easier on parents?” Peacock asked.

Sean Hamstra, user experience manager for School Zone, directed the development of apps such as Counting 1-10, which helps children learn to count.

The Holland resident said it was a “crazy and exciting experience” to be part of creating the tablet. Hamstra said they previously had apps on various markets, but noted it’s difficult to be discovered.

Little Scholar Gains National Attention