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From Parents' Choice | Children's Media & Toy Reviews:

Developed for children aged three through seven years, the Little Scholar Mini is an 7" tablet pre-loaded with a library of more than 70 apps, books, games, videos and songs designed to improve reading, math and spelling skills. The tablet includes a headphone jack, camera, micro SD card slot, USB port, a durable protective case, a pre-applied film screen protector and a quick start guide. Additionally, the tablet has wi-fi capabilities and a camera.

The easy to hold (and carry) tablet is simple to use and its games are easy to navigate so that children can use the product independently with little to no parental guidance or assistance required - a good way to build a child's sense of self-confidence and self-efficacy. School Zone's curriculum-based activities focus on fundamental reading and math skills. The games are entertaining and successful completion of the tasks are reinforced with puzzles and/or educational videos. Puzzle it Out, Memory Match and Train Your Hand were testers favorites.

We all know how difficult it can be to get children to put their tablets away; the Little Scholar Mini includes programmable Time Limits, so no arguing or "negotiating" is necessary. The external limits help to train children to limit themselves independently.

Little Scholar Mini Recommended by Parents' Choice