by Heather | Girl Gone Mom Blog

We only own one tablet in our home and it was a gift intended for my husband. Sadly our two children have taken it over, and as you can imagine they do fight over it. But I can’t see dropping another $500 plus on another expensive tablet that’s just not meant for them. Nothing bugs me more than when I see Emma watching a television show on it. The Little Scholar Tablet is the answer to my prayers, and the solution to all of the issues I had because it is for no one else but the children.

I figured that the Little Scholar Tablet would be perfect for my two-and-a-half year old, Ryan. It’s brightly colored and filled with fun games for kids and without all of the other unnecessary things they get into on our tablet. To my surprise, Emma really took to the tablet. She will sit for hours with it and Ryan enjoys it too. Guess what they’re fighting over now?

I love that the “games” are not only fun but educational. We don’t need tablets for watching television shows when there are three actual televisions in the house. What we need are educational games and apps and nothing to distract from that and this is what Little Scholar gave us.

The Little Scholar tablet features a camera, music, educational programs and books and activities tailored for children whether in preschool, kindergarten or first grade. This is an excellent choice for that Santa list and at a price of only $169.99 it’s also a fantastic value.

Little Scholar Reviewed by Girl Gone Mom Blog